Land Purchase Checklist

Before buying a land (or flat) a buyer in Dhaka/Bangladesh must check the following:

  1. Title Deed – This is the registered deed, often a Saf Kabala, Heba or Deed of Exchange etc. which confers title on the seller from the property’s past owner.
  2. Bia Deeds – These are title deeds of past owners of the land. Ideally, a new purchaser should collect all bia deeds related to the said property.
  3. Mutation – Check and collect mutation of present owner along with DCR and mutation proposal signed by the A/C Land office (prostabpotro)
  4. Bia Porcha – Check and collect previous mutation records and historic survey records from CS, SA, RS to BS/DP/BRS
  5. Tax – Check if tax is paid up to date till current Bangla year.
  6. Authority Permission – For RAJUK/Housing etc. land, sales permission may be needed.
  7. Heir Certificate – If land is being sold by heirs, heir certificate need to be collected to make sure that land is being purchased from legitimate sellers.


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