Trademark registration in BANGLADESH

The process of trademark registration in Bangladesh is managed by the Department of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks (DPDT) under the Ministry of Industries. The process involves several steps:

1. **Trademark Search**: Before applying for a trademark, it’s advisable to conduct a search in the DPDT’s trademark database to ensure that your desired trademark is not already registered or under consideration by another company.

2. **Application for Registration**: If your desired trademark is available, you can apply for registration. The application must be in Bengali or English and should include the following:

– A request for registration.

– The name and address of the applicant.

– A statement of the goods or services for which the trademark is to be registered.

– A representation of the trademark.

– The class under which the goods or services fall, according to the Nice Classification.

3. **Examination**: The DPDT examines the application to ensure it is complete and meets the necessary requirements for registration. If the DPDT has any objections, it will send a letter to the applicant, who can respond within two months.

4. **Publication**: If there are no objections or if the objections are resolved, the DPDT will publish the application in the Trademarks Journal.

5. **Opposition**: After publication, there is a period of two months during which any person can oppose the registration of the trademark. If an opposition is filed, the DPDT will notify the applicant, who can respond within two months.

6. **Registration**: If there are no oppositions or if the oppositions are resolved, the DPDT will register the trademark and issue a certificate of registration


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